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There are a few things I wanted to say about developments affecting Targeted Individuals, from my
perspective.  Everything I refer to is in the public domain, and no doubt much more will be flooding
out over the coming weeks and months.


We all know about US mind control experiments and the bad things that went on in the 1950s after the second world war, the cold war, Vietnam and more recent developments. After Vietnam, which used conscripted US troops, the Targeted Individuals began to appear, but it was not obvious to everyone where that was going.

Picture opposite: Peasants suspected of being Vietcong under detention of U.S. army, 1966, en.wikipedia.org/Wik/Vietnam_War

‘Thousands of American citizens have been publicly claiming for years that they are under attack from directed energy weapons that attack their physical bodies, and their central nervous systems. Hundreds of websites have sprung up on the internet and these distraught and tormented people have banded together in numerous groups seeking redress and relief from their elected representatives. They have brought legal cases to trial in both the United States and in international forums on human rights. Human rights activists have been besieged by them for help, but all such petitions, and court cases have run up against the problem of a lack of physical evidence. The entire judicial system is built upon the concept of physical evidence and people who are being attacked with invisible bullets are left with none’. Source: Marshall Thomas – Monarch II  -Victims.pdf http://www.monarchnewphoenix.com/

At first it seemed to be some sort of internal problem for one nation state. But with so many international groupings, special friends clubs etc, it was not appreciated at the time that there could be an international dimension that did not represent any nation state and transcended national boundaries.


No nation state, whatever their political structure, wants to give their power away to an invisible enemy. That’s what defence and military intelligence are meant to deal with. But most human beings tend to assume that there are standards, ethics, boundaries that they and others would not cross, and that even within defence organisations they would be able to spot anyone who didn’t share those standards.

But what if there was a technology that could capture people invisibly, not just brain-wash them, but impose subtle re-wiring on their brains and in some cases squirt somebody else’s mindset onto them. Those programmed individuals would then be released back into their environment to engage in every-day life under remote control.

Whether or not perpetrators interacted with TIs thereafter, they would use them in any way that served their purposes, as:

  • unwitting spies on others, recruiting more Tis,
  • unwitting sleeping activists
  • non consensual research subjects for all kinds of weapons research, including research on methods of torture.
There is a theory that if a group of 2000 strategically significant people in a country are taken
over, supported by a number of tactical people also targeted, the country is vanquished by default.
This stealth method relies on invisible electronic weapons. But the plans failed. In the new
scenario, perpetraitors’ bosses may begin to focus on TIs as hostages, in the hopes that
negotiation might be a possibility.
Perpetraitors were not told that at first, but now they know, and they are treading water, waiting for
new instructions that may never come, while those that managed to leave the sinking ship
negotiate their exit visas.
Picture opposite, courtesy of  Project Gutenberg – free ebooks www.gutenberg.org/
How could all this happen without governments
finding out? Well the mafia has always been in
town, and governments were always aware of
that, but no matter how senior an elected
representative may be, they are still individuals,
with loved ones.At first, the implications of invisibility technology for ‘virtual’ abduction of targeted
individuals may not have dawned on everybody immediately. But by now, you can be sure the
implications of what has been going on definitely have dawned on everyone.


If you worked for a nation state in an international grouping of national representatives, perhaps in the area of intelligence and security, the last thing you would want is for your country, your town, your family to be taken over by some ghastly group of nasties. Even allowing for diplomatic niceties, you would soon be networking with others who didn’t like what they saw either. The threat would be identified, assessed, and other arrangements would be put in hand to ensure the defence of the nation and protection of loved ones. And increasingly, that is what is happening.


The plan relied on major covert initiatives in a large number of other countries. But in practice it was never going to work on residents of other countries, because the system required gang-stalking – physical threats and brutality to support invisible weaponry. And that is too hard to arrange across the world on the scale necessary to ensure success, particularly when people realised that collaboration did not buy protection.


No one now thinks that war is the answer to problems that have blighted human life throughout history. Particularly when traditional weapons of last resort are no longer operational for wartime purposes. The diplomatic approach is containment and isolation, disentanglement from old out-of-date treaties, reduction in shared information, building of new bridges elsewhere, and development of feasible new technologies to keep the nasties out.

This in my view is what has been quietly going on, and already many people have turned their face
towards new objectives that offer real prospects of a better life for everyone while providing an
effective defence system. I say defence, rather than attack, because the old belief that attack is the
best method of defence no longer applies, if it ever did. If you have a system that will stop invisible
weapons:- electronic, radio, light, sound, atomic, particle or other systems, from reaching your
country or its people, that is a good start. And this is now happening.
How can we tell it is happening? Well for one thing, the flood of technical and scientific information
that is appearing in the mainstream press indicates that there is now greater freedom of
information. See my previous posts for details of what is now being openly reported. Gone are the
days when you had to scour the alternative media for hints of what might be going on. And this is
reflecting recent well-publicised changes in control over the media at international levels.
What is being reported now  includes incredible advances in science, particularly weapons
technologies.  Less is being discussed about measures to counter such weapons, but measures
do exist, and information about them is available in the technical media, for those who know where
to find it.

If certain insane plans had gone ahead unobstructed, one day, everyone would be a Targeted Individual. There is a beautiful part of Utah called ‘Zion National Park’, but the beauty of that part of the world, and some others, was smeared with a terrible stain – torture, cruelty, insensitivity to life and crimes against humanity. Some people made a link between what was going on there and the 2012 Olympics… but the 2012 Olympics were planned long ago, and many things changed, in ways that perpetraitor bosses had not predicted.

Some people thought that the 2012 Olympic Games would signal a special event that finally announced to the world what supposedly many people would already know – that key players and elected representatives across the world had been vanquished by an invisible enemy, and that a fait-accompli had been achieved, not through war but through stealth and invisible weapons. BUT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Why? Because most countries wised up to what was going on long ago, and took sensible preventative action.

‘The Games present an attractive target for our enemies and they will be at the centre of the world’s attention in a month or so. No doubt some terrorist networks have thought about whether they could pull off an attack. But the Games are not an easy target and the fact that we have disrupted multiple terrorist plots here and abroad in recent years demonstrates that the UK as a whole is not an easy target for terrorism. The national threat level at present is assessed to be SUBSTANTIAL – meaning that an attack is a strong possibility – one notch lower than has been the case for much of the last ten years. We are far from complacent. A lot of hard work still lies ahead and there is no such thing as guaranteed security. But I think that we shall see a successful and memorable Games this summer in London’…
‘The security preparations for the Games have been long and thorough. Members of my Service have been involved in advising on the physical design and security of the sites, but also in the accreditation of those working at the venues and in ensuring that intelligence collection and analysis for the security operation can meet the increased demand. This is not a solo activity. We are working as part of a mature and well developed counter-terrorist community in the UK and with the close support and co-operation of friendly Services overseas, who have been extremely generous in their assistance. We are also anticipating an Olympic security legacy after the Games – better intelligence coverage of potential threats, better integration at the local and national level of security and intelligence effort, and new, closer and better developed intelligence co-operation at the international level. I hope and expect that this legacy will live on well after the Games themselves have closed.’  
Source: THE OLYMPICS AND BEYOND, Address at the Lord Mayor’s Annual Defence and Security Lecture by the Director General of the Security Service, Jonathan Evans. Mansion House, City of London, 25 June 2012
‘More than 1,000 troops who had been on standby to bolster security at the Olympic Games have been deployed. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the 1,200 troops were to be used because ministers were clear that “we don’t want to leave anything to chance”…The move means 18,200 troops have now been deployed to the Games.’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18966360.

‘The shadow of terrorism has hung over the Games for a reason. The day after London won its Olympic bid on 6 July 2005, suicide bombers struck the city. After that, everyone knew these Olympics would be the first to be held in a “high threat” environment’…

‘The number of players involved in delivering what has been called the largest peacetime security operation in British history is certainly bewildering.’..Critics have asked whether the security is all too much, pointing for instance to the missiles on rooftops in east London. Would they really be used?’ … 
‘There is a secret chart locked in a drawer somewhere in Whitehall, another of those involved in security tells me when I ask that question, which plots with clinical detail how many people would die if an airliner crashed into the Olympic Stadium’…  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18923741
First of all, potentially everyone is a targeted individual.
There are particular problems for people living in the United States, though much has been going
on behind the scenes, with help from the international community, to stop further erosion of
internal and external national security. Some living in the US may smile wryly at the apparent
naivety of such a statement, and I understand why. But believe it or not, the nasties are actually on
the run. No you may not notice any change yet, but you may be one of the lucky ones who do.
If you live in a country in Europe, or some other places which have certain foreign bases permitted
within your national boundaries, you will have been allocated to an overseas perpetrator
‘supervisor’ for potential targeting. The way that works is that every country is divided up into
rectangles, and a perpetraitor unit using hand-held devices that can be carried in a small suitcase
is given charge of that area. They can’t target everyone, but they planned to focus on individuals
who might play a tactical or strategic role in their unfolding strategy.

That is bad enough, but what if a dividing line between one rectangle and another happens to fall between houses. And what if perpetraitors are not too fussy about who gets caught up in the beams they direct at Tis. There may be an overlap. That could mean that people get targeted twice by different units on a daily basis, and that others living in those houses may be affected.

Not all perpetrators can be bothered to do precision targeting of energy beams. This can mean that birds, bees, animals and fish may be affected. Where I live, birds can be seen dodging the microwaves to get to the food table. Only one song-thrush has fallen to the ground dead so far. But perpetrators don’t like our birds singing in the morning, because it isn’t morning for some of them, and a few of the louder birds have received personal attention from the perpetrators.

Recently I was rescued from a microwave
attack that began to affect not only people
where I live, but anyone in my vicinity. Hard-
working rescuers had jammed the perpetraitors’ signal, reducing their synthetic telepathy to a
murmur. In an attempt to counteract the jamming and recover their investment, the dim-witted
criminal perpetraitors exposed me and anyone near me to a 36-hour dose of microwaves with
enough power to support a large town, or fight a small war.
People walking towards me would suddenly lurch sideways as the illegally imposed
electromagnetic field surrounding me attempted to pull them into its ‘orbit’.  That type of microwave
beam does many things, including wiping short-term memory. So the memories of some
individuals in my vicinity may have been temporarily affected, not to mention credit card machines
in shops, bar-code readers in supermarkets and electrical circuits.
I tried to buy something in a shop using a debit card, and they had a power cut. Then it turned out
that a whole area of shops had a power cut. So we just had to go home. Luckily it was lunchtime…
But it was more disturbing when I went to a supermarket check-out one night, and the poor
gentleman at the till was so phased by the microwaves, that he couldn’t remember what he was
doing and asked me the same questions twice. He tried to input some bar codes but they didn’t
work, and a supervisor had to be called. At that moment, my perpetraitors realised their slip was
showing, and reduced the power for a little while.


From what I have observed so far, the plan for targeted individuals was intended to be that:

1. Strategic and tactical targets were identified.

2. TIs were prioritised in terms of threat or usefulness to the enemy.

3. Those with sufficient priority were assessed for viability, and if considered suitable, were given
tracking implants, and some mapping of brain and body neurology etc.4. There may be a long
backlog of such cases, but at some point, a TI gets to be called into the operating theatre, where
retinal camera, internal viewing screen, and communication wiring are implanted, using laser eye
surgery techniques, along with other things. How this is done I leave you to figure
out…Technologies for fast skin repair, using artificial tissue and skin as well, ensure that implants to
body parts fade quickly, and go unnoticed. But I had one double implant which took 8 days to fade.
I’m sorry if the picture below is harsh and crude, but it was taken shortly after I began to be
targeted. I woke up one day and found this mark on my leg.

Apparently, under terms recently negotiated, the new perpetraitors’ guidance manual says that TIs
should be asked – presumably telepathically – whether they are willing to work cooperatively with
the perpetraitors. This may be have a bearing on future international arrangements affecting how
TIs are identified and rescued.
Previously, this never happened, as far as I can tell, and perpetraitors were under the impression
that they should conceal the purpose of their torture activities from individuals. But now they are
supposed to explain to TIs that they are potential recruits to the invisible cause. So if you hear
them ask if you want to do something, that is your opportunity to make it clear to any independent
reviewers, or as a record on any perpetraitor recording systems or other recording systems, that
you declined to work with them.
Of course perpetrators don’t take no for an answer, and they prefer to make offers you cannot
refuse, linked to well being of loved ones. But they target those anyway, so don’t be fooled. In
practice, TI negotiation cannot happen with perpetraitors as they are all chipped, mind controlled,
and on incentives to target so many more TIs per week/month. The torture targeting is partly to
make TIs do what they want, but also because they want to research how best to torture people.
And Tis will get that whether they say yes or no.
If, despite electronic torture, TIs don’t cooperate, they may not be aware that the re-wiring has
happened. They may not be aware that others can see through their eyes, take pictures of what is
seen, and create visual and auditory hallucinations in their brains. They may at times be ill, lose
their jobs or relationships, or retain both if they hold strategically important posts. They may not
realise that the same thing is happening to their loved ones.
If Targeted Individuals do realise what is going on and resist, until recently, they were destined to
follow a familiar route –  torture, research and termination, depending on how much research
money they could bring in for their criminal perpetrators.  However, TIs are not noticeably dying in
large numbers these days, whereas the prognosis for perpetraitors is increasingly sombre.


To be effective, declining the perpetraitors’ invitation to collaborate must be loud, clear, capable of being picked up by a third party, and of sufficient duration that if a record is wiped it shows up on some other system. I have found that telepathic repetition / thinking of ‘Out demons out’ for a few minutes works quite well. Perpetraitors know there is a risk they may be monitored by international law enforcement groups and they take a coffee break.

There is a song from the 1970s by Edgar Broughton Band which includes chants of ‘Out demons out’- not for everyone as it is raucous, but its at:

It appears that perpetraitors are currently using me as one of their cases for training recruits on
how best to to make Tis do what they want, amongst other things. That really is adding insult to
injury.  Based on what I have observed, selection criteria for perpetraitor recruits must be very
esoteric, as intelligence, perception, knowledge of current affairs and awareness of what goes on
outside the USA are not essential requirements.

UPDATE – 15 November 2012

The table below shows details of people who I believe or know to be targeted individuals, most of whom live or work close to where I live, or with whom I have had regular dealings.  The reported ailments are not surprising, given the ages of those concerned, and would not arouse suspicion, apart from the sudden onset of the symptoms in people who were generally in reasonable health and did not have a medical history of such health complaints.  Details that might lead to recognition of the individuals have been altered to protect their identities.

I would have been on the list except that I use various shielding methods that prevent perpetrators from achieving results that would enable them to claim financial rewards under illegal research contracts.  Rather than waste the investment in mapping and tracking my frequency indicators, perpetrators locked onto me every night and then went fishing in the surrounding area for potential research cases.  After an initial period during which mapping and tracking presumably took place, the ill-health problems began to surface, although I was not always aware of this.  The cases listed below may be the tip of the iceberg.

The two perpetrators concerned, David – based in the US and Philip – based in the UK, cooperated in targeting the individuals concerned. Each are known to favour particular methods.  David uses infrasound cavitation techniques, typically to achieve fast-acting bowel complaints.  Philip targets hip joints with harsh pain consistent with electronic weapons, possibly maser delivery.  Philip operates using hand-held devices that fit into a special suitcase.  There is a time delay between initiating an attack and its impact.  David’s electronic delivery system from the US achieves real-time impacts.  It would not be impossible to establish, retrospectively, whether perpetrators had targeted these individuals, if access was obtained to records of their electronic weapons usage.

Targeted Individual
Nature of Apparent Criminal Assault
Elderly gentleman over 90 years, former military background, electronics specialism, US contacts. 3 months ago, following one afternoon in my vicinity, sudden onset of confusion as in a stroke or Alzheimer’s, followed by weakness, and then sleep state almost 24/7.
Lady over 70 years May 2012 reported pain in one hip, hip replacement operation performed 5 months later, now reporting pain in other hip.
Lady over 95 years Found wandering in bewildered state January  2012, followed by onset of chronic bowel complaint that has not responded to treatment.
Lady over 60 years After 5 days in my vicinity reported bowel complaint –consistent with infrasound cavitation weapon attack,diagnosed as bowel cancer, successfully treated with chemotherapy. 8 months later, after further day in my vicinity reported complications.
Lady over 50 years January 2012, acute bowel pains for several weeks –consistent with cavitation weapon attack – followed by quadruple bypass.
Lady over 80 years Sudden unexpected onset of psychosis, followed by removal to mental care unit.  Tests could not identify cause.  Psychosis disappeared on visit from her children.
Gentleman over 70 years, military background. Reported pacemaker problems.  Following investigations, put under observation.
The day following publication of this post, in which I reported the impact of high-intensity
microwaves on birds and insects, I went shopping and on returning to the house, found the front
door open.  We were unsure how this happened.  Next morning, on going into an upstairs room I

discovered what appeared to be a dead bird stuck to a piece of fly-paper suspended from the window.  See photograph opposite.  

When I first moved to my present address, in February 2012, the house was infested with large black flies.  I removed them by opening windows, fly-swats and fly-paper, which is safer than chemical sprays.  When my elderly relative living nearby began to be targeted, she also experienced a swarm of such flies. She happened to know an elderly gentleman who reported a similar experience, and who had the flies identified. Apparently they are a rare species not normally found in the UK.

While drafting this post on Blogspot, perpetrators were altering it as quickly as I wrote it.  Because of this, there may be alterations and omissions.  The WordPress version has also been illegally tampered with, changing formats.  Who would be so dumb as to leave their fingerprints all over the shop, after breaking in?  … That’s right, you’ve guessed it – xxx.

Websites that provide TI advice include the following: