I never expected to be writing this, but here goes:

As a result of recent posts, the perpetrator ‘David’ decided to take revenge by attacking me with a non standard electronic device which is illegal for use against civilians in some countries, including the US.  It uses Extremely Low Frequency which when directed at the vital organs can lead to death in various ways.

David usually targets the lower intestine, which results in immediate shaking, expansion and contraction of the bowel, creating liquefaction. Longer-term results are cancers of the intestine, but fast-acting intestinal cancers can be created in a short time as well.

What I did not realise was that he had just targeted a close member of my family for the third time, using the ELF device on this occasion.  He targeted that same family member three times altogether, creating other cancers each time.

Why? Because it appears he had come into contact with both of us, separately, at different times, through his former employment, before he left the country under a cloud, to work in the US. And I understand that other women he met through his work have also been targeted.

His reputation for attacking women in this way was so well known that those with whom he associated gave him some strong warnings in no uncertain terms. This left a permanent mark on his health. He has intestinal problems.

Why was he not removed from his present post?  He trusted in the protection of a group of people who, often unsung heroes and heroines, have done much to help poor people of the type he prefers to target – widows and orphans.  Ironically, it never occurred to him that my family also had connections to that same organisation.  Though no longer living, there are three men who if they could, would be taking a keen interest in the proceedings.

I was horrified to discover that he did not exclude women in his own family from targeting, even his children.  He also forced members of his family, who had access to electronic equipment, to target people on his behalf. Because of his disability, men with nobler motives and higher principles stopped short of removing him from his post.  But you have to realise, he will carry on indefinitely until he is stopped.  How many lives of women and children has he scarred or terminated?  Even he cannot remember.  The illegal electronic weapons that are his personal possessions must be destroyed, and he must be prevented from causing further harm to others.


Under normal perpetraitor arrangements, all activation of electronic equipment is carried out by IT technicians, who do not participate in synthetic telepathic communication with Targeted Individuals. It appears that David used to be an IT technician, but was removed from that work because of his known tendency to torture women and to depart from authorised activities.  However he can and does go into the IT technician section, presumably when no other IT technicians are there,  in order to carry on his unauthorised activities.

It appears that for routine targeting of individuals, the person engaging in synthetic telepathic communication with the individual sends a request for targeting to the IT technician, who activates it.  The person talking should not normally be the person who uses a pointer on the screen to target different parts of the TI’s body.  What is not clear is the extent to which separation of the two roles is complied with.  If David could get away with it, how may others could be doing the same thing?


  1. musicis2words

    I think some perpetraitors are getting paid to do this to people… possibly as some piece of the whole MK Ultra thing. They may have ben told lies, or half truths about the target, which makes them feel the electronic harassment/soft kill is justified, when it obviously is not.
    I have no clue who is doing it to me, although one time, my own brother said to me, “you won’t live”, upon answering a phone call from me. We are awaiting a 5million dollar award from a class action tobacco lawsuit in which my deceased mother was involved. That being said, he is the one who told me about it, and I cannot get any info or response from the atty involved. It is so hard for me to know, because I was adopted, & I think many adoptees are targeted at birth, as a part of this experiment.
    People in my daughter’s family often say pointed remarks that are obviously related to my situation, as if to mentally torture me. But if I were to call them on it, they’d call me nuts. Have you ever heard of TI John Finch?
    Have you ever seen the Alan Barker “Mental Firewall” video on youtube?

  2. joe

    Sorry for your ordeal. You’ve done a great deal of research. I came across the Salamander regeneration data in Robert Becker’s “The Body Electric”- Bioelectromagnetism and the Secret of Life. Dr. Becker was responsible for outfitting the space shuttle with a device pulsing an ELF at 7.83 Hz. A mock Schuman Resonance was needed by the humans in space. You cite Dr. Duncan’s research and his theory that TAMI is influencing those around the TI. Wouldn’t that account for the victims’ suppositions that they are being gangstalked?
    I think you will highly enjoy these websites: (ELF, mind control, radionics, science supply store), (Activist/author Nick Begich’s site- son of former and brother to current Alaska Congressmen), and lone star tek consulting, inc (former government mind control scientist’s sites, lots of information and devices). Be strong.

    1. martinacable99 Post author

      Hi Joe, I used to wonder about gangstalking too, but since then I have been used as a target for training criminals to do gangstalking, so now I take it more seriously.

      Why perpetraitors waste so much money on each TI I cannot imagine. They go mob handed on every occasion. There is clearly no real management at the top of their organisation, and that will be their downfall. Martina

    2. musicis2words

      This is very interesting… I’ll have to research TAMI. Sometimes, it seems that the people around the TI know what they’re doing, at other times, it seems like they are truly oblivious.
      Thanx for the info.


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