Monthly Archives: September 2012


Hi everyone, I heard on the grapevine that one or two people expressed concern when my daily log fell into disrepair. My heart goes out to all of you, and I know what you all go through. It is not so bad for me today, but recently I have been attacked a lot because of my blog. I have started naming and shaming some perpetraitors, because of what they are doing to so many other Targeted Individuals. 

When it is possible, I will do a summary of my log, but access to the Internet is difficult, owing to unauthorised interventions by perpetraitors.

As always, interaction with perpetraitors brings new understanding, and I have discovered a couple of points I want to share right now:


1.  Perpetraitors could always be detected in my environment because of the smell of cigarettes that hung around my living space. But why? I found out that when a TI goes to sleep or loses contact it is like a screen-saver. You can’t get in without a password. Perpetraitors have to go through a full boot-up, first inputting exact co-ordinates, then waiting while every screen and every piece of equipment connect to satellite. They use the frequency of synthetic cigarette smoke to tell them if they have logged on successfully, as the frequency is easy for their lasers or masers to detect. 

Yes I did say masers, by which I mean an intensely focused microwave beam that behaves like a laser. Using laser as a delivery mechanism involves a light-based system delivering sound-based targeted weapons – Extremely Low Frequency, microwave, infrasound and ultrasound – sound. If maser is used instead of laser, there are only sound-based frequencies so there is less frequency resistance in the process. 


2.  Now there is a new upgrade going on which may make some existing retinal lens-camera processes obsolete. I only got my upgrade on 27 September 2012, and have not found out everything about it. I am joining up the dots on this, but there are gaps. The upgrade is an implant inside the other eye – the one that doesn’t have a camera lens. If you have a camera lens prosthesis on one eye, the platform for the upgrade in the other eye will already be in place. Perpetraitors can now send the implant as a payload down the laser / maser via satellite from the safety of their own hideout. They can deliver to anywhere in the world. 

3.  What is the new upgrade for? It is for sending nano-scale video information that TIs will see via their camera-lens eye. This information may be pictures, virtual environments, word documents, graphics and numeric data. It can be stored and accessed like a download in the TI’s neural networks. In the same way, data obtained via the other eye with the camera lens in can be uploaded to perpetraitor computers. There are digital enhancements that go way beyond photoshop and desk top publishing in sophistication and they can combine audio visual media – the full works. 

But I should point out this does not give anyone the ability to create and amend documents in situ.  It means that all types of information, documentary, pictures, video and audio can be processed and transmitted using nano-biotech and electromagnetic technologies. The TI’s virtual environment can be altered using similar approaches. 

What is happening is not necessarily all bad for TIs, and there are simple things that can be done to mitigate risks to Targeted Individuals.

I am going to leave it there for now, and go into more detail in upcoming blogs. 

As always, this post was altered deliberately by perpetraitors while I was drafting it.  I have re-created the text, but it may be subject to further unauthorised amendment.  Perpetraitors involved refer to each other as David, Philip and Robert.